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Le 2 Oct 2016 - 00:15
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SNCF : à quoi sert donc le TLD .sncf qui a coûté si cher ?
Il y a un an, dans le cadre de sa nouvelle stratégie numérique, la SNCF dépensait une somme d?argent importante pour créer le TLD .sncf. Aujourd?hui, bizarrement, il semble ne servir à rien. Encore...
iOS 10 : une prime d'1,5 million de dollars à celui qui pourra le pirater
On doit cette opération à Zerodium qui avait déjà lancé le même "concours" pour Android et Windows Phone. Une manière pour l'éditeur de sécurité de se faire une belle pub.
La boite à liens #37
Une nouvelle boite à liens pour comme à l'accoutumée rester en prise directe avec l'actualité de Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat et Instagram, mais aussi avec les dernières études marketing dig...
Pas de shopping sur les réseaux sociaux pour les millénnials
La génération Y est très présente sur les réseaux sociaux. Les annonceurs le savent ! La dernière enquête de la société américaine GumGum montre que sur Instagram, Snapchat et Pinterest, le jeune p...
Java et Android - Google triomphe de nouveau d'Oracle
Dans l'affaire du code de Java dans Android, Oracle a perdu une fois encore devant la justice à obtenir de Google de dommages et intérêts.

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Devx: Latest Published Articles

Google Reorganizes Its Cloud Computing Offerings
Google Apps for Work is becoming G Suite.
Microsoft Launches AI Division
Bing, Cortana and the Microsoft Research group are all becoming part of the new business unit.
Find and Activate External Windows
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
Hybrid Integrations with Azure Logic Apps
Take a look at how to leverage Azure Logic Apps in a hybrid scenario, where the business process needs to integrate systems in cloud and on-premise.
Apache Spot to Apply Machine Learning to Cybersecurity
Cloudera and Intel are backing the open source project.

DevX: Latest Java Articles

Exploring Software Development Methodologies
Gigi Sayfan brings some clarity to the concept of the methodology and investigates various prominent methodologies and their manifestation in processes, programming language, frameworks and tools.
Thread Dump Analysis Pattern
Language: Java||Expertise: Advanced
Are Design Patterns Really Useful?
The touted benefits of design patterns are that they allow proliferation of best practices and allow for efficient communication between engineers, but how does that play out in practice?
Programming Basics: The Function Signature
See how paying attention to your function signature, utilizing language features where possible and using immutable data structures and pure functions can get you pretty far.
Managing Code Debt in Team Foundation Server with SonarQube
SonarQube is a popular open source platform for managing quality in the scope of an application life cycle that covers the seven axes of code quality.


The Dangers of HTML5: WebSockets and Stable Standards
New HTML5 technologies like WebSockets offer some amazing new opportunities for Web developers. But they also show how implementing unstable standards may cause more harm to a site than the benefi...
Internet Explorer 6: What Have We Learned?
IE6 shipped more than 10 years ago, but its non-standard implementation of the shifting standards of 2001 still haunts today's developers. As the Web shifts to HTML5, and new versions of IE, Firefo...
Crank Up the Volume with HTML5 Music
With HTML5, music is making a comeback on the Web. Create amazing music site experiences where adding an audio file is as simple as inserting an image and users have more pause and play music outsi...
Dojo.behavior: Write Modularized HTML Document Event Handling
The dojo.behavior module provides a simple and lightweight mechanism for listening to HTML document events. Find out what makes dojo.behavior one of the best event handling mechanisms around.
The Dojo Publish/Subscribe Event Mechanism
Learn how to use the Dojo Toolkit's versatile ContentPane widget to load dynamic content into your Web pages.

DevX: Latest C++ Content

The Foundation of Proper Object-Oriented Design: Interfaces
While it can be difficult to use object-oriented techniques well, it is possible. Learn why it's worth your time and effort.
Pointers: Advanced Concepts in C++
Explore the concept of pointers in C++, how to use them, and the best practices for using them.
Using Preprocessor Directives in C++
Learn more about preprocessor directives in C++ and how they can be implemented.
Explore Some Exciting New Preview Features in Xamarin
Learn more about the new features being announced at the Xamarin Evolve 2014 conference.

ICANN is worth Watching

ICANN Ends Bar on Registry/Registrar Integration
ICANN Sets Official Path for Start of New gTLD Applications
How is ICANN spending your money?
Systematic Errors in NAF Complaints and Decisions
30 Oct 09 - Afilias deactivating .info domains

DevX: Latest Database Content

Skip Weekends SQL Function
Language: SQL||Expertise: Intermediate
Perform Data Audits in SQL Azure Using Temporal Tables
Learn why Temporal Tables are a powerful feature to help you tailor your auditing needs without having to write any code.
Obtaining the Next Number in a Sequence Using a Stored Procedure and an Outpu...
Language: SQL||Expertise: Beginner
Find out Whether a Value Exists in a List of Values
You can use a normal SELECT query joined with a bunch of AND statements to determine if a certain value exists, but this can become cumbersome and tedious. Language: SQL||Expertise: Beginner
Agile Build Environments Require Testing
To follow Agile principles and allow an individual developer to have a quick build cycle of edit-built-test requires significant effort. In most cases it is worth it. There are two representative c...

use Perl
All the Perl that's Practical to Extract and Report

use Perl; Shutting Down Indefinitely
As I am leaving my current job at Geeknet -- which has generously hosted use Perl; for all these years, since the site began in 2000 -- I am temporarily shutting down use Perl; tomorrow, Thursday, ...
Pittsburgh Perl Workshop CFP ends Mond.ay Sept 6th
rblackwe writes "The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2010 will be Saturday October 9 and Sunday 10 at the Gates Center at CMU. Don't miss your chance to speak at this years Workshop. The Call For Papers e...
Ctypes for Perl: Intro and API spec
Hello, good evening and welcome.For the next few months I will be using this blog to help document and publicise my "Ctypes for Perl" project. The project is being carried out for TPF under the aus...
News: Rakudo Perl 6 development release #29
colomon writes "On behalf of the Rakudo development team, I'm pleased to announce theMay 2010 development release of Rakudo Perl #29 "Erlangen". Rakudo is an implementation of Perl 6 on the Parrot ...
Perl 5.12.1 now available
"Now suppose," chortled Dr. Breed, enjoying himself, "that there were many possible ways in which water could crystallize, could freeze. Suppose that the sort of ice we skate upon and put into high...

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